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If you think you're too little to make a difference, then you must never been in bed with a mosquito before.




Friends and families, I move to, it had 3 levels of entry viewing mode, so basically you won't be able to read as free as in this journal. If you would like to read my friends only entries, you have to register to tabulas (you don't have to put anything in your diary) and tell me, I'll add you as my friend.

Proper g'byes!



Sorry, for you guys who saw no entries for a couple of days.. my fellow co-worker read this blog. Sure, it's an open blog, but we do have MANNER here in blogland.

If you're in my readlist, contact me ASAP to get updates where I moved (again), I wanted to settle here and announce it after October, but a few !#$$%#% ruin it all.

Pak Yo knew about my blog, but he NEVER intentionally read it! He DOES understand privacy >_<

Oh, and I made a little tweaking on my CSS file, so none of you could read my archive as well.

Ketangkep Basah


I've been caught by my fellow co-worker!!!! I have to close this blog. Sorry. But when I settled down later I shall tell you guys... So long!

Happy b'day Evi!


You are reading My Daily Moo, which updated nearly everytime I can. I'm ephi. My bday is June 5th. I work parttime in the library, while struggling through university.

Currently enjoying life that's mostly sleepless. Enjoy reading tons of useless things as well as useful stuff that she enjoyed.

Likes studying, linguistics, choco, water, the beach, bishounen, etc. CSS freak, fan, and groupies. Support web standards!

I only update my blog on workdays, not on holidays. Entries on holidays will also be updated in the same time.


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